How to Play

The object of the game is to keep Helga fat and happy. When she gets hungry, she will throw a fit that will quickly break and sink your boat. So try to keep her satisfied as long as possible by feeding her fish.

To get her fish, tap on the screen to fire a canon ball into that area. Remember, there's a slight delay between the canon firing and the bomb landing in the spot you chose, so aim carefully.

On earlier levels, the fish ignore the explosions, but on higher rounds, the fish learn to avoid it and will speed up and swim away from explosions, so use your taps strategically. You can fire three shots in quick succession, which can help herd the fish.

When you kill a fish, you'll get a single point.

Once the fish float to the top, gently tilt your iPad or iPhone to move your boat over your bounty. Gunkel will scoop the fish into Helga's mouth earning you an additional five points per fish.

Eventually, the fish won't die in a single hit. It will take multiple explosions before they float to the surface. The redder a fish appears, the closer it is to becoming dinner.

Keep an eye out for sharks and seagulls. They'll try to steal your fish and when they do, you will lose points. Luckily you can bomb both.

Icebergs may prevent you from moving your boat to pick up your loot, but you can also explode them with a few taps.

If you keep feeding Helga when she is full, she'll become ultra-powerful indicated by a spinning halo of light around her. Each season has a unique superpower. Tap Helga to activate her superpower and she'll help you clear a level quicker.

Each round ends when all the fish are dead. You'll have 10 seconds to scoop up any fish that are floating on the surface before your score is calculated.

To increase your score in earlier rounds, bomb fish or use superpowers strategically. The faster Helga eats, the more points you get. This will be your skill bonus that will help you beat your high score.